A new range of organic teas from speciality producer Pukka Herbs is being packed in a high-quality presentation box from Pollard Boxes that represents the most responsibly-sourced and sustainable packaging solution.

The pack has been designed in line with Pukka Herbs’ packaging and sustainability policies to ensure that it is as environmentally-friendly and resource-efficient as possible. It is manufactured using 100% post-consumer waste cardboard and FSC-certified Kraft paper and incorporates a paper moulded insert sourced from Paperfoam in the Netherlands.

The box’s attractive decoration, incorporating vivid colours and foil blocking in a helix pattern that is in keeping with the design of the individual tea packs, is achieved by litho printing using vegetable oil-based inks, while the foil blocking is part of a new zero waste to landfill scheme. This is a joint collaboration involving Pollard company Crusader, Pukka Herbs and Foilco, whereby all foil waste is sent to be reused in the production of cement instead of to landfill. Another ethical benefit is the use of specially-sourced vegetable-based and vegan-friendly glue.

Once the pack has been finished with, all elements can be put into recycling waste streams, including home paper recycling or home composting, thus encouraging higher consumer recycling rates.

At the same time, the box retains a quality finish and feel, with its colourful high-impact graphics reflecting the premium nature of the teas and ensuring a strong on-shelf presence. Equally important, for end-user convenience, the Clamshell design of the box means it can be opened and closed continuously without the need for embedded magnets or hinges.

“Ethical and sustainable sourcing are fundamental to our business and this includes our packaging,” comments Laura Mellor, at Pukka Herbs.

“The box from Pollards demonstrates how a pack can deliver sustainability while still meeting its other key requirements – namely protection and preservation of the contents and providing a stylish presentation gift pack that attracts attention on-shelf and reflects the image and values of the Pukka Herbs brand.”

November 22nd, 2019 by