The ability to combine luxury, sustainability and efficiency in packaging solutions for the premium drinks sector will be the key theme of rigid box specialist Pollard Boxes’ stand at the new PLD exhibition in Paris this January.

Pollards’ skills in this area have already been recognised with two awards at the recent UK Luxury Packaging Awards for packs that help to enhance brand image and on-shelf appeal while minimising their impact on the environment. This included the award for Resource Efficient Luxury Pack.

Pollards has created its own Sustainability Checklist to help customers maximise the sustainability benefits of their drinks packaging solutions while still achieving functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Cardboard already has a strong environmental profile, thanks to its incorporation of recycled material and its recyclability. To support this further, the Pollard Checklist also considers appropriate decoration and finishing options that can reduce any impact at a pack’s end of life. Structural design considerations ensure maximum strength and durability for the box with the minimal use of material, while still retaining full user convenience and practicality.

Technical and design innovations for luxury drinks on display include the use of two opening doors to convert the packaging into a see-through display case that enhances the appearance of a bottle on-shelf.

Pollards will also demonstrate its newly launched patented FOTL (Front Opening, Top Loading) box that provides a more cost-efficient and less costly automated boxing operation for these types of pack. The FOTL box enables a bottle to be placed automatically into a front opening box from above on filling existing lines, whereas previously the bottle had to be placed by hand. The boxes are delivered to the drinks company already packed into branded cases of six, meaning that the filled boxes are then ready for immediate onward delivery to retailers. In the retail outlet, the box is opened at the front, allowing the bottle to be showcased on-shelf.

December 5th, 2019 by